No country for women
20 October 2016

No country for women

After Armenia, many things have changed.
The border with the Middle East, the imaginary line between Europe and Asia, from East to West, raised a new issue we cannot ignore: the condition of women.
Suddenly, and for the following 5000km, we had to deal with a despicable, ridiculous and discriminatory treatment of women.
I think it’s necessary, at a certain point, to stop talking about cultural differences and start talking about barbarity, abuse, infringement of human rights.
I am not talking about gender equality, which is unfortunately and too often utopia even in our homeland, Italy.
But I do want to turn on a little spotlight.
In Iran, women are treated as inferior human beings by law.
The country is trapped in such a Middle Age of human rights that I don’t know how to begin telling about the ridiculous condition of women there.
In the United Arab Emirates, a woman who has been raped would better shut up to avoid being accused of adultery. In Court, a woman’s testimony is worth less than that of a man.
Traffic in human beings, infanticide, domestic violence, rape, acid attacks: India is one of the five worst country to be born in as a woman (if they let you).
The hell of the human rights of women cannot be considered as a cultural issue and should not be tolerated in any way from an external observer.
Let’s not limit this debate to the issue of the veil or being allowed to sit in a bar.
Chiara has always been treated, especially in public, as a second-.class human being, and nearly always faced the situation with a smile: we were only temporary observers, but it would be too easy and cowardly to ignore the situation just because it was suffered temporarily and partially.
I think the worst part is the male pretension of confusing this form of submission with rantings on the importance of women: no, you are not protecting them and if you say you love them, you are doing it the wrong way.
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